Upper primary/lower secondary

Australian Curriculum learning areas: Geography, Science, Health

Disaster WebQuest (PDF 421KB)

People Get Ready (PDF 1.88MB)
A multi-hazard, culturally inclusive introduction to emergency management
and disaster risk reduction for Australian secondary school students.

Bushfire (PDF 1.9MB)

Climate change (PDF 1.67MB)

Cyclone (PDF 2.25MB)

Drought (PDF 1.59MB)

Earthquake (PDF 1.73MB)

Flood (PDF 2.17MB)

Heatwave (PDF 1.24MB)

Landslide (PDF 1.22MB)

Pandemic (PDF 1.18MB)

Severe storm (PDF 1.68MB)

Tsunami (PDF 1.65MB)

Volcano (PDF 1.67MB)


Li'l Larikkins bushfire series (YouTube)




The guide is designed to give students and teachers all the information about tsunami they need in a one-stop shop. Extending beyond tsunami, the guide delves into the Earth’s structure, plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes.


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